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who we work with...

Our partners, Habitat for Humanity, Bridge Communities, Naomi's House, Hesed House, Reclaim 13 Families Helping Families, Compass Church, and Chapelstreet Church refer families to us that have either been dedicated into new spaces or graduated from their program to a permanent space.  We then serve them by accessing their needs, providing a layout for their space that is conducive to their living needs, obtaining donations from our other partners including Sharing Connections, the community at large, 610 Home and Nona Jo's, or purchasing items that finish the design.  The culmination of all these moving parts along with a lot of prayer and the work of the Holy Spirit produces a designed home and joyful family.  It is bringing people with a need together with people who happen to have that need all while sharing the love of Christ in all that we do.

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