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the inspiration

It’s simple really.  People loving people. 

It sounds so easy, yet with the distractions of everyday life, it often gets pushed aside.  It’s little things… like a smile, a touch, a hug, an ear to listen or a gift that fills a need.  All summed up, this is what God calls us to do – love Him and love others to glorify Him.


In response, Love Your Neighbor was formed.  Jesus transformed my heart and inspired me to reach out to the community using interior design. A mission based not only on God’s design for us to love each other, but also on the gift of design God gives artists.   It is about bringing people together at events inspired by beautiful design and established to show love to families in the local community through the design of their space.  We provide basic home design needs and lay out the family's space in an intentional way which allows for a calm, inviting and comfortable environment free of stress and uncertainty.

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